Basel on the Rhine River at Night
Basel on the Rhine River at Night

Editing/Proofreading of English Texts



Yes, that's correct - as already mentioned on our Homepage, yes, it really is important to carefully edit, proofread and correct documents published in English to avoid possible errors, negative impressions, misunderstandings, or even damaged friendships, reputation, or trust.


During editing (incl. proofreading and correction) of your English text, I eliminate grammar, spelling, typing, vocabulary, or other English language errors. 


I have helped many clients to obtain professional, high-quality English texts that are accurate, smooth, highly readable and communicate their information in English very well. See References.


A quick completion of a client's assignment is almost always possible. The minimum charge is CHF 50. I carry out all editing, proofreading, and correcting assignments personally. There is usually little or no waiting time.


The important question is: "Does your English text, or will your machine-translated text into English contained errors, create a negative impression, lead to misunderstandings, or even damaged your friendships, reputation, or trust?"


Contact me today to request a free assessment and offer, if you have any questions, or if would like additional information.