Editing of English Texts

Editing, Proofreading, and Correction of English Texts

As a native English speaker from the United States, and as an experienced and independent editor, proofreader, and corrector of English Texts, I help companies, SMEs, NGOs, startups, students, independent professionals, and private persons to effectively communicate their message, globally and locally, by producing accurate, clear, and natural-sounding English texts. This is done by correcting and eliminating grammar, vocabulary, or other language errors, as well as by editing and improving the clarity, understandability, and readability of the English text.


I have many years of experience as an editor/proofreader of English texts, and also as an English-speaking and German-speaking manager and teacher/instructor at business schools, technical schools and technical colleges in Switzerland. The content of English texts that I edit, proofread, and correct may address various topics used by the client in brochures, newsletters, presentations, reports, theses, websites, etc.


To request an offer, please send me an email and attach a copy, in a WORD document - if possible, of the English text, and inform me of your desired delivery date. I will review the English text and send you an offer. Also, please send me a copy of the source text in a WORD or PDF document, if it is available in German, which I will later use for cross-checking the two texts (the one text in English, and also the source text in German) for accuracy and correctness. The minimum fee for editing, proofreading, and correction of an English text English is CHF 50.


After I receive your written acceptance of my offer by email, I will complete your order and email you the finished work. I carry out all assignments personally. Clients usually have no, or only a short waiting time.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me.