BT Translations & Proofreading

German-to-English Translations & English Proofreading

My name is Bruce Turner (BT). English is my native language. German is my second language.


I am an experienced German-to-English translator and English proofreader, especially for business and technical texts.


I provide professional, high-quality:

I have helped many clients to obtain professional, high-quality English texts that are precise, clear, natural-sounding, and that communicate their information in English very well. 


A quick completion of a client's assignment is almost always possible. The fees charged are low and reasonable. The minimum charge is CHF 50. I carry out all assignments personally. There is usually little or no waiting time. If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact me.


To request a free assessment and offer, please:

  • email me in a Word document the German text to be translated into English plus desired delivery date, or,
  • email me in a Word document the English text to be proofread and corrected plus desired delivery date.
  • I will get back to you quickly with an attractive offer.