Editing and Proofreading of English Texts

and German-to-English Translations

Hello! Welcome to my website www.bruceturner.ch.


My name is Bruce Turner. I am the founder of BT Editing and Translation, Basel, Switzerland.


Let me ask you two questions:

  • Are you a non-native English speaker, communicating correctly and accurately in your native language such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.?
  • If you are a non-native English speaker, could it be important for you to sometimes also communicate information correctly and accurately in English? 

A native-English speaker can often help a non-native English-speaking person to ensure that they are communicating correctly and accurately in English.


My native language is English and my second language is German. 


I help non-native English speakers:

  • by editing, proofreading, and correcting English texts, websites, and automatically machine-generated English texts that have been translated from German, French, Italian, Spanish, or other languages,
  • and by I translating texts and websites from German into English.

In this way, important texts and messages sent in English by non-native English speakers are communicated more accurately and more effectively globally using clear, precise, and natural-sounding English texts.


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