Bruce Turner - Editing of English Texts and Translation of German Texts into English

Why Edit an English Text or Translate a German Text into English?

Because proper editing, including proofreading, and correction of an English text, and proper translation of a German text into English produce accurate, clear, correct, appropriate, and natural-sounding English texts that can significantly improve and support the effective communication and understanding of your messages, ideas, offers, plans, projects, proposals, reports, requests, and other information to persons who can read English.


Thus, your messages written in English can get across more effectively and are more easily understood, allowing your ideas, information, offers, plans, projects, proposals, reports, and other communications to be more successful.


My name is Bruce Turner and I am a native English speaker from the USA who has lived and worked in Switzerland for many years. My second language is German.


I am an independent, freelance editor of English Texts and translator of German Texts into English. I help SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), NGOs (non-governmental organizations), startups, students, independent professionals, and private persons to communicate their information and messages, globally and locally, by producing accurate, clear, and natural-sounding English texts. I have many years of experience as an editor/proofreader of English texts, as a translator or German texts into English, and as an English-speaking and German-speaking manager and teacher/instructor at business schools, technical schools and technical colleges in Switzerland.


More detailed information about my editing and translation services will be found on these web pages: