Frank R.

Bruce Turner did technical translations from German into English of technical patents for our Swiss patent law firm. This translation work placed the highest demands on technical understanding and insight, as well as logical thinking and expression. I have been able to convince myself that Bruce is fully competent for these tasks. His innate diligence and intelligence enable him to see through and grasp the most complicated technical interrelationships. His acquired knowledge gives him the further ability to communicate his ideas to others clearly and diplomatically, both orally and in writing. He is able to understand work plans and technical product descriptions from a wide variety of technical disciplines. I feel able to recommend Bruce unreservedly for any assignment or project that he undertakes as a German-to-English translator of technical texts.

Felix R.

Bruce Turner has done several professional German-to-English translating, as well as editing and proofreading of English texts for our food company, including price lists, advertising letters, texts for marketing brochures, business documents, etc. We would like to confirm that we were very satisfied with his work and to thank him for his prompt and good service. We hope that we will be able to send him more orders for English editing or German-to-English translations soon.

Hans M.

Bruce Turner performed various translation assignments as a freelance translator for us. He translated for us German texts into English. His areas of expertise include technical texts, as well as translations in various other fields. His work was always accurate and flawless and arrived on time and never led to any complaints from our clients. We got to know Mr. Turner as a reliable, friendly translator and editor who we can recommend to anyone at any time.

Danny L.

I would like to thank Bruce Turner for the excellent translating, editing, and proofreading of many of our official technical and business documents. We highly recommend his services to any other company in need of German-to-English technical translations or English editing and proofreading of official company technical and business documents.

Gabrielle A.

I would like to thank Bruce Turner very much for his professional and highly accurate English editing and German-to-English translation work for our legal texts. I will be happy to use his editing and translation services again in the future.

Kurt W.

Bruce Turner translated and edited various business and technical documents for us. He always completed this work very quickly and we were always completely satisfied with the result.

Anouar M.

We would like to thank Bruce Turner for English editing, proofreading, correction, and improving the language of various technical and other documents for our new website and products. It was important for us to have such work done by an experienced and highly-qualified technical professional like Bruce. We confirm that Bruce has distinguished himself by his exceptional reliability, utmost diligence, and efficiency. He has always provided us with the work results in very good quality and quickly. We look forward to further technical editing, proofreading, and correction assistance from Bruce.

Nikolett H.

Bruce Turner did very good editing, proofreading and correction for an English-language project of our startup company and I had very good experience regarding his work. His editing, proofreading, correcting, and written communication are very clear, straightforward, and easy to read. He is precise in his editing and he takes care of many details that really make a difference in improving English texts which he edits and corrects. I can highly recommend Bruce Turner to anyone for excellent editing and proofreading of English texts for startups and other small-to-medium-sized companies. 

Jean-Luc G.

I would like to thank Bruce Turner very much for his quick, accurate and clear English editing, proofreading and correcting for my company's advertising and promotional materials. Bruce's exceptional presentation of these materials in English also made a professional and attractive impression on my clients. In the future, I will contact Bruce again for good English editing and proofreading services and I will be happy to recommend him to others.

Helen T.

Bruce Turner did English editing and proofreading for us for all of our management seminar texts for Chinese dignitaries in Basel. The editing and proofreading work was of very good quality and were delivered quickly to our complete satisfaction. We will be happy to place further editing and proofreading orders with him as soon as we can deliver seminars in English again.

Steven V.

Bruce Turner has years of experience in editing, proofreading and correcting English texts, and in translating German texts into English. He has been doing proofreading, editing and correction work in English for our brand, and we are very happy with what he provides. He is easy to work with and goes over and beyond what is expected from him every time.

Bea K.

I would like to thank Bruce Turner very much for his assistance in editing and proofreading the English website for our trading company. It was a great service. We were very satisfied with his editing and proofreading services and I will gladly recommend his services to others.

Matias S.

Thank you very much Mr. Turner for your very good and fast English editing, proofreading, and correction of a large English text for publication in an English-language magazine. I highly recommend your editing and proofreading services!

Delia R.

Dear Bruce, Thank you very much for your very professional and efficient German-to-English translation and English editing services of business documents.