Warum wir die Deutsche Sprache so lieben :-)

English Text - and translations of the German words.

"Why we love the German language so much."

The German words used here are funny :-)


Du musst dich LANGSAM BEEILEN.

  • Literal English translation: You have to SLOWLY HURRY UP.
  • More accurate English translation: You have to hurry up.


  • Literal English translation: Speak QUIETLY LOUDER
  • More accurate English translation: You can easily speak louder.

Irgendwas läuft hier GERADE SCHIEF.

  • Literal English translation: Something is running here STRAIGHTLY CROOKED.
  • More accurate English translation: Something is going wrong here.

Deine Frisur ist ganz SCHÖN HÄSSLICH.

  • Literal English translation: Your hairdo is really BEAUTIFULLY UGLY.
  • More accurate English translation: Your hairstyle is absolutely (or pretty) ugly.

KOMM, GEH jetzt.

  • Literal English translation: COME, GO now.
  • More accurate English translation: Come on, go (or leave) now.