German-to-English Translations

My name is Bruce Turner (BT). English is my native language. German is my second language.


I am an experienced German-to-English translator, especially for business and technical texts.

  • I provide professional, high-quality translations of German texts into English.

The German texts that I have translated into English texts for clients are often business and technical texts related to, for example, advertising, business changes, customer letters, image brochures, marketing information, newsletters, product information, public relations texts, sales information, special publications, technical brochures, technical information, etc. 


It is important to carefully and correctly translate important German documents into English because otherwise the English document may contain errors and may fail to accurately, clearly or correctly communicate your important facts, information, and messages, and can thereby:

  • create negative impressions,
  • lead to misunderstandings,
  • damage business relations, friendships, reputation, trust, etc. 

During my translation of a client's German text into English, I strive to produce the clearest and most natural way of expressing, in English, the underlying meaning expressed in the German text.


I have helped many clients to obtain professional, high-quality English texts that are precise, clear, and natural-sounding and that communicate their information in English very well.


A quick completion of a client's assignment is almost always possible. The fees charged for translations are low and reasonable. The minimum charge is CHF 50. I carry out all translation assignments personally. There is usually little or no waiting time. If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact me.


To request a free assessment and offer for a German-to-English translation, please:

  • email me in a Word document the German text to be translated into English plus desired delivery date.
  • I will get back to you quickly with an attractive offer.