Post-Editing of English Texts

that were automatically generated by machine translation or Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The term "post-editing", not the term "proofreading", is the term used to describe the professional review and editing done of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered machine translated material, or of AI-produced texts. "Post" here means "after" a text has been translated by AI-powered machine translation, or a text has been automatically generated by an AI system.


The purpose of "post-editing" is to produce and to ensure a more precise, clearer, and a higher-quality English translation or English text.


Automatically generated English texts and English translations are produced by using AI-powered machine translation or AI systems. I am also experienced at post-editing and correcting automatically generated English texts and translations, particularly texts and translations related to business and technical subjects.


Never forget that your content is intended for humans (not just for search engines), so make sure a good set of human eyes goes through it and reviews, edits, and corrects any mistakes found before you publish!


When I perform "post-editing", I review, edit, and correct an AI-powered English machine translation or an English text automatically generated by an AI system that may and often does contain language errors, grammatical mistakes, misspellings, etc., so as to produce an English text that is more accurate, clearer, more natural sounding, and that communicates very well.


I have post-edited and corrected AI-powered machine translations of English Texts and AI-generated English texts for clients which were related to advertising, business, customer letters, image brochures, marketing information, newsletters, product information, public relations, promotion, sales, special presentations, technical brochures and information, etc. 


It is well-known that an AI-powered machine translation, AI-translation, and AI-generated English texts have limitations and can and do make mistakes. See my Blog for additional information.


Therefore, I offer professional post-editing and correction of AI-powered English machine translations or of English texts generated by AI systems, because English is my native language.


It is important to carefully post-edit and correct important documents published in English, especially when they have been automatically generated using AI-powered machine translation or by artificial intelligence systems, because otherwise the English document may contain errors and may fail to accurately, clearly or correctly communicate your important facts, information, knowledge, and messages, and can thereby:

  • create negative impressions,
  • lead to misunderstandings,
  • damage business relations,
  • or even hurt your own, or your organization's friendships, reputation, and trust. 

During post-editing and correcting of AI-powered machine translations of English translations or English texts, I correct grammar, spelling, vocabulary, or other English language errors.


The fees charged are low and reasonable. The minimum charge is CHF 50.


I carry out all assignments personally.


I have helped many clients obtain English texts that are more precise, clearer, and more natural-sounding, and that communicate their information very well. There is usually little or no waiting time.


If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact me.


To request a free assessment and offer:

  • please email me the AI-powered English machine translation or the AI-generated English text to be post-edited and corrected in a Word document, plus the desired delivery date.

I will get back to you quickly with an attractive offer.