Translation of German Texts into English

Proper Translation of German Texts into English is Important

Translation of an important German text into English is the process of carefully reworking and changing a text from the German source language into the English language, with careful attention being given to accuracy and maintaining the original message intended.


It is important to avoid poorly translated texts because they often fail to accurately, clearly, or correctly communicate the information involved and the messages intended.


This can be significant because important documents that have been poorly translated not only can create negative impressions and lead to misunderstandings, but may even damage business relations, or hurt reputation.


Proper translation of a German text into English does not involve just substituting English words for German words.

Careful attention should be given to the intended meaning that the author intended in the German text.

If this is done correctly, then the original content, intention, and meaning communicated in the German text will be maintained and carried over into the English text.


Translating a German text into English, when done properly, will provide the client with an accurate, clear, correct, and appropriate English text which will significantly improve and support the effective communication of their messages, ideas, reports, proposals, information, requests, offers, and other communications in English.


English is my native language and German is my second language. I have many years of experience, not only as a German-to-English translator, but also as an English-speaking and German-speaking manager, and as an English-speaking and German-speaking teacher/instructor at business schools, technical schools, and technical colleges in Switzerland.

I provide clients with accurate, correct, and natural-sounding translations of German texts into English.


The content of such German texts which I translate for clients may address various topics used by the client in brochures, newsletters, presentations, reports, websites, etc.


To request an offer for translating a German text into English, please send me an email and attach a copy, in a WORD document - if possible, of the German text, and inform me of your desired delivery date.

I will then review the material sent to me and then send you an offer by email. The minimum fee for translation of a German text is CHF 50.


After I receive your written acceptance by email, I will complete your order and email you the finished work. I carry out all assignments personally. Clients usually have no, or only a short waiting time.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact me.